The Ganz Intelligent Solutions brand has officially arrived

Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. has officially launched its latest smart technology development, Ganz Intelligent Solutions. The company, which manufactures transformers, high-power electric motors and generators, and services high-voltage equipment, aims to make the electricity industry more sustainable through intelligent transformers and the transformer market more efficient through 21st-century digital solutions. Ganz also expects to build an even stronger market position in both Hungary and the international arena thanks to the new development and the quality of service it will provide.

Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd.’s latest development, the digital monitoring system called Ganz Intelligent Solutions, made its official debut at the 68th Annual Electrotechnical Conference and Exhibition organized by the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association. Developed in partnership with the German company, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Ganz aims to provide the market with intelligent transformer units that will help the industry achieve its sustainability ambitions, combine decades-old technology with digital solutions and increase system security in the electricity market.

Following a successful reorganization process, and in parallel with the increase in production capacity and international expansion, Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. have recently been working on a new development, an intelligent monitoring system that can provide an overview of the condition of the transformer units. In the second quarter of 2022 Ganz signed a partnership agreement with Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, the world market leader in transformer control. The aim of the collaboration is that, in line with sustainability and digitalization, the parties become market leaders in the production of more efficient and sustainable transformers. As MR’s ISM-based ETOS system provides a stable automation and digitalization platform for the Hungarian heavy machinery manufacturer.

“With the launch of Ganz Intelligent Solutions, a new digital and intelligent era of transformers is about to begin, and we are proud that Ganz’s pioneering role is once again being demonstrated in the 21st century by developing digital solutions that will benefit the entire industry. Our company’s aim is to make the benefits of our intelligent solution available to the widest possible target group within the industry. So, from now on, we will only produce intelligent transformers at our factory in Tápiószele, and in case it is required, we can also supply the monitoring system to previously produced transformer units. The newly introduced Ganz Intelligent Solutions will thus not only contribute to the green turn of the industry but support our growth plans and further strengthen our international position as well” – said Jan Prins, managing director of the Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd.

With Ganz Intelligent Solutions, condition-based maintenance is available, extending the lifetime of transformers equipped with digital monitoring systems and ensuring that they only need maintenance when their condition requires it. Ganz’s intelligent – and in each case customizable – solution package thus offers benefits in terms of functionality, and sustainability as well as contributes to the safety of the electricity system. The monitoring system also prevents a sudden failure of a piece of equipment from going out unexpectedly from the electricity generation process. Incipient failures can be dealt with in a planned way in their initial phase, at the lowest possible cost, minimizing the impact on the electricity network and its operation.

In addition, the system offers the possibility to optimize and better utilize the operation of transformers. An excellent example of this is that the transformer can be prepared for a higher load cycle by monitoring the network values, allowing the overload period to take place with significantly lower lifetime losses. For the transformer of the future, the decision on lifetime loss is in the hands of the user.

The flexible system also provides the possibility to measure the thermal condition of the transformer, analyze the chemical composition of the oil content, optimize equipment utilization and the cooling system, and prepare for periods of overload by pre-cooling.

“Ganz is a unique manufacturer in the power transmission and distribution market by providing maintenance services to its customers, covering the full range of customer needs from product manufacturing to on-site installation and monitoring of equipment to maintenance. This is supported by more than 135 years of heritage, experience and engineering expertise, which also guarantees the reliability of our products” – the managing director added. Ganz aims to further develop the technology to provide the most accurate overview of the transformer’s condition by analysing the data, thus ensuring a quality service and maintenance activity.