The 145-year-old company will modernise its rotating machine production to meet the needs of the renewable energy sector

27 February 2024Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. (Ganz) has launched a total of EUR 12 million for technology development investment in its Rotating Machines division. The Rotating Machine 2.0 development programme will focus on upgrading the tools and equipment used in production and modernising the machine fleet. The improvements are aimed at transforming the factory into a modern manufacturing facility in line with Ganz’s long-term strategy to better serve the needs of the renewable energy sector.

Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. restarted production at its Tápiószele plant in 2020, and thanks to the company’s extensive manufacturing activities, its transformers and rotating machines are now used in all major industries. This year, the company will continue the development of its rotating machine plant with a EUR 12 million (HUF 4.65 billion) upgrade to modernise the plant’s production equipment and machinery. In the past, Ganz focused on serving the nuclear power sector, as well as service and refurbishment contracts from the energy sector. However, with the resumption of production four years ago, the focus has shifted to meeting the needs of the renewable energy sector, primarily with solutions for hydroelectric power generation and energy storage.

At the end of 2023, minor upgrades have already started and major upgrades will begin in the coming months. The entire investment is expected to be completed within two years. As a result of the investment programme, Ganz expects a significant increase in the orders for its Rotating Machines division in the coming period, with sales expected to triple within three years. At the same time, the company is doubling the number of employees in the division.

“In recent years, Ganz has achieved outstanding results both in Hungary and in international markets, thanks primarily to the high engineering expertise of our employees and customized solutions. Through the Rotating Machines 2.0 development programme, we will further improve the quality and efficiency of the division’s manufacturing processes by using state-of-the-art tools and equipment.” – said Jan Prins, Managing Director of Ganz Transformer and Electrical Rotating Machinery Ltd.

Since the reorganisation in 2020, the company has made significant progress in all three of its business units. In 2022, Ganz developed the Intelligent Solutions monitoring system for transformers, which enables continuous monitoring of transformer status. This innovative system was later extended to the Rotating Machines division as a result of preliminary market research. The Intelligent Solutions monitoring technology can provide continuous digital monitoring of rotating machinery. This groundbreaking development will help improve energy security by ensuring that electrical machines with a lifespan of up to 30-40 years can continue to operate reliably and safely.

“Following the development of intelligent solutions and the expansion of our service portfolio, we are taking another important step to ensure that Ganz is at the forefront of the digitalisation efforts of heavy industry worldwide and that it is a strong international brand not only as a manufacturer but also as a service provider to the transformer and rotating machinery market,” – added Bence Flösser, Engineering Manager at Ganz Rotating Machines.

In recent years, the company has significantly increased the sales of the Rotating Machines division by manufacturing motors and generators for the domestic and European markets. In the last quarter of 2023, several large foreign orders were received from international companies in the recycling, cement and steel industries, as well as from companies requiring specialised, customised machinery. The heavy machinery that leaves the Ganz factories is used in most countries in Europe and the Middle East.