Ganz Service Division undertakes service activities worldwide of medium & high voltage motors, synchronous generators, power transformers and gas-insulated switchgear with know-how and more than hundred years of experience in the form of maintenance, inspection, retrofit, refurbishment, and expansion.

As a full solution provider, we deliver lifetime extension programs supported by condition-based monitoring systems, as well as numerous accessories and spare parts for all equipment.

Adjusting to the unique customer requirements, we offer flexible and customized service solutions. Through our extensive global network, our services will help to achieve the full potential of your assets to increase reliability and optimize productivity.

At GANZ, we believe that the continuous maintenance is non-negotiable when it comes to an equipment’s lifetime. Proper maintenance contributes to extending the operational life of an electric equipment while being cost-effective and environmentally conscious if we choose to have a maintenance-oriented approach. Therefore, GANZ offers the best service support for its customers to ensure they get the maximum and efficient operation time without technical failures.


  • Life assessment of Power Transformers, Rotating Machines and GIS
  • Framework agreement to ensure the smooth operation
  • Periodic maintenance to nourish efficiency and to avoid any unexpected damage
  • Online monitoring systems for prevention purposes
  • Engineering backup & calculations

  • Activities are performed both on-site and in factory
  • Complete diagnostic test of motors and generators based on the IEC-60034 standard
  • Modernization with rewinding the rotor and stator of motors, hydro- and turbogenerators to „F” or „H” class
  • Revision and maintenance of AC/DC motors and generators
  • Changing the slot wedges for rotor and stator
  • Reverse engineering
  • Revamping and retrofitting
  • On-line balancing up to 50 tons in own test bay
  • Spare parts manufacturing & supply
  • Site supervising, installation & commissioning

Maintenance method for Rotating Machines

Maintaining electric motors or generators is essential to ensure their efficient and reliable operation in the long run.

  • Regular inspections
  • Cleaning the overall motor/generator and the air vents to ensure proper ventilation, as overheating can be a common issue
  • Ensuring that bearings and moving parts are properly lubricated
  • Check and maintain proper alignment of the motor or generator shaft
  • Monitoring the cooling system, such as fans and cooling fins
  • Performing electrical tests, such as insulation resistance test to identify any potential insulation breakdown or other electrical issues
  • Conducting dynamic balancing and vibration analysis to ensure that the rotor is balanced and that vibrations are within acceptable limits
  • Always recording the maintenance activities and test results which hold valuable information in planning and helps determine future maintenance tasks

  • Activities are performed both on-site and in factory
  • Planned maintenance
  • Spare parts supply
  • Troubleshooting and site repair
  • On-site and factory testing (IEC and IEEE standards)
  • Full oil testing (IEC 60422) and dissolved gas analysis (IEC60599)
  • Condition assessment based on site and or factory testing
  • Active part removal for visual inspection
  • General refurbishments
  • Transformer oil tank revamping
  • Site supervising, installation & commissioning
  • Retrofit with GANZ Intelligent Solutions monitoring system

Maintenance method for Power Transformers

Transformers are critical components in electrical power systems, thus proper and regular maintenance is crucial to ensure their stable and safe operation.

  • Visual inspections of signs of leaks, oil condition, and external damage. Checking of any loose connections, damaged bushings
  • Oil sampling and analysis to understand the current condition
  • Using temperature gauges and thermal imaging to identify hot spots
  • Periodical inspection and test of tap changer
  • Checking and replacing of gaskets to prevent oil leaks and maintain the integrity of the transformer’s enclosure
  • Periodic DGA tests to analyze the gases dissolved in the transformer oil
  • With a qualified professional team, GANZ can perform a comprehensive inspection, testing, and analysis of the transformer to identify potential issues that may not be apparent during routine checks

The following activities are performed both on-site and in factory.

  • SF6 gas analysis; leak detection; and filling
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Lifetime extension
  • Spare parts supply
  • Troubleshooting and site repair
  • Factory refurbishments
  • Bay extension
  • Online diagnostics, measurements
  • Supervision of site works

Maintenance method for GIS

Gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) is a critical component in power systems, providing a compact and reliable way to control and protect electrical equipment.

  • Monitoring the gas insulation properties regularly, such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas density which helps identify potential leaks and ensures the integrity of the insulation system
  • Checking the mechanical components including the operating mechanism and circuit breakers, for proper operation
  • Performing routine test on circuit breakers, including contact resistance measurement, timing tests, and insulation resistance tests
  • Inspect the busbar connections for tightness and signs of overheating
  • Handling SF6 gas
  • Checking the integrity of seals and gaskets to prevent gas leaks
  • Providing remote monitoring systems to continuously monitor the GIS condition
  • GANZ has specialized personnel and equipment for in-depth analysis for your GIS

  • Extremely flexible to customer needs
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Competitive delivery times
  • 24/7 remote & on-site technical support
  • High level of customer experience
  • Own brand of Monitoring System (GANZ Intelligent Solutions)
  • Provides services of non-Ganz branded products

Ganz Service Division has a highly skilled staff in all areas of expertise. Our aim is to carry out the maintenance activities to the highest standards required by the regulations of the countries we work in.  Our colleagues are qualified to work even in the open sea, thanks to the following qualifications:

  • marine survival (GWO)
  • helicopter underwater escape training / HUET (GWO)
  • first aid (GWO)
  • elevation works (GWO)
  • manual handling (GWO)
  • FAM low voltage technician certificate
  • Harness & Lanyard Safety certificate
  • SF6 gas treatment
  • SCC certification
  • fire safety


Zsófia Gúth

Service sales specialist

Károly Pető

Head of Service