Transformer Division 

The history of the Power Transformer factory dates back 130 years as the first transformer in the work was built by Ganz in 1885.

Our factory is in Tápiószele, 80 kilometres from the capital city of Budapest.

The business unit is specilized in designing, manufacturing, and testing transformers for several applications in a wide range of powers from 20 to 600 MVA on 52-800 kV voltage levels (1000 MVA for autotransformers). The power transformer business unit has experienced electrical, mechanical, test engineers and well-qualified technicians at the manufacturing site in Tápiószele. Our customers can experience high and focused attention from the tender phase to the commissioning and site tests.

The manufacturing area extends over 11 000 m2 with 240 tons of maximum crane capacity. The factory annual capacity is 12 000 MVA. On the facility site the transformers are prepared according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Every transformer is individually designed to its specific requirements and applications.

The international energy landscape is evolving from one dominated by increasingly scarce fossil fuels with their devastating effects on Planet Earth to one in which organizations are constantly hunting for alternative forms of energy. This means that renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass are increasingly being afforded the attention they deserve.Ganz is one of those who want to contribute to the greener and more sustainable future. We provide high-quality power transformers, helping its customers use electricity efficiently and increase industrial productivity with sustainability.

Ganz is part of this process, developing smart solutions and offering creative leadership in the field.

Tailor-made designs for renewables:
Ganz transformers have good experience in tailor-made designs
with various fields of use (wind and solar farms, hydro
and biomass plants), where the projects have challenging requirements.

Power transformers with low noise level:
Ganz can fulfil the most extreme noise requirements of German and Scandinavian markets as well.

Power transformers with low losses:
Ganz transformers can easily fulfil the Ecodesign requirements (Tier2 from 2021).

Biofluid immersed power transformers:
Biodegradable liquid is used to provide safe solutions for special requirements of fire protection, environmental safety, space limitations and cost savings.

Ganz was the pioneer for manufacturing synthetic ester filled large power transformer to the Scandinavian market, and Ganz has the design rules for the natural esters as well.


We use commercial and developed software during the design process to increase product reliability for the following analysis:

  • loss and noise calculation,
  • voltage distribution calculation and FEM electrical field analysis,
  • short-circuit resistance calculation,
  • eddy current loss and heat calculation,
  • earthquake resistance calculations.

  • In our state-of-the-art facility, the following manufacturing works are carried out in workshops separated according to workflow:
    • Winding workshop: dust proof covering, air conditioning, slight overpressure
    • Inspection point before drying
    • Computer controlled, full parameter driven process optimization: temperature, vacuum, water extraction

Impulse voltage test

  • 2 400 kV

Separate source voltage test

  • 700 kV/350 kVA
  • 350 kV/175 kVA
  • 60/30/10 kV/1300 kVA

Induced voltage test

  • 170 Hz
  • 66 kV supply
  • background fractional PD level: < 15 pC

Short circuit and heat run tests

  • 200 MVAr

Our factory has its own service team – 95% of our transformers are installed and commissioned by ourselves. Our services also cover on-site testing and, on request, staff training.

Present in 18 countries 

Since 1990 we have contributed to a total performance of 42524 MVA

Hungary | 10 251 MVA
Norway | 4 007 MVA
United Kingdom | 3 816 MVA
Netherlands | 2 237 MVA
French | 2166 MVA

Our domestic and international projects

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Sales contacts

Lajos Harai

RO, KZ, Baltic, North EU countries

Attila Maglódi


Tamás Enyedi

Head of Sales

Zsófia Gúth

Service sales specialist

Luca Márvány

Desk sales engineer

Miklós Marczis

Business Development Manager