The long-established Hungarian heavy machinery manufacturer is rebuilding its international position with the export of customized machines.

Budapest, 19th of December 2023Representatives of Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. (Ganz) have signed six new international contracts worth a total of EUR 4.3 million in a single month. In addition to the continuation of successful transformer manufacturing activities, Ganz aims to further increase the share of customized motor and generator manufacturing and their servicing in the company’s turnover by 2024, in order to expand the international recognition of the well-known Hungarian brand.

In recent weeks, Ganz’s Rotating Machine division has received a number of orders from international companies in a wide range of economic sectors. One of the most notable of these is an order from a North American recycling company, through a German reseller, for a 6,000-horsepower slip-ring motor for a heavy-duty shredder. This is a milestone in the life of Ganz, as it is the largest piece of equipment the company has built for the recycling industry since its establishment. The company has been contracted to manufacture and supply a 6 MW slip-ring motor for a Middle Eastern steel company that is replacing an old, smaller motor with a similar sized but more powerful unit.
A new order was received from the cement industry for Ganz to supply a 1600 kW, custom-designed motor for a Spanish company’s cement plant in Africa. Another company, the German InterCem Cement AG ordered three custom-designed motors for its cement plant in Burkina Faso: a 5,7 MW slip-ring motor for the cement mill, and a 2,7 MW and a 560 kW variable frequency drive motor for the fan drive.
Also from Germany, ABB has given a large order for the supply and on-site installation of a set of machines for excitation electronics. As part of this, 6 MVA cylindrical pole synchronous generator will be manufactured for a test laboratory. In addition to the generator, Ganz will also supply the flywheel, the starter motor and the oil lubrication system.

Slovenian steelmaker SIJ Acroni has also ordered a motor to drive a hot-rolling mill. Besides manufacturing the 5 MW cylindrical pole synchronous motor, the company will also be responsible for delivering the machine to the Jesenice location, assembling it and testing it on-site.
The six new orders signed in November 2023 are worth a total of EUR 4.3 million, a significant step forward for Ganz’s Rotating Machine division, and the company expects further growth in the manufacturing and servicing of rotating machines in 2024. The company’s main focus is on the renewable energy sector, including the construction of hydro-generators and hydroelectric power plants. Ganz also expects orders from the steel and cement industries, as well as from the recycling industry and companies requiring specialised, customized machines. In order to meet the increased demand efficiently, the plant will receive a new laser cutting and insulating machine and further investments in technology are expected in the future at Ganz’s production site in Tápiószele.
“The engineers in Ganz’s Rotating Machine division have a high level of knowledge and technical expertise that gives them a strong competitive advantage in the race to win new orders. The expertise and references of our staff are outstanding in the market, and the engineering team members view each individual order as a new professional challenge. This enables us to produce customized machines that other companies cannot build, and this is the key to our competitiveness,” – said Jan Prins, Managing Director of Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd.

In recent years, all three of Ganz’s divisions – transformer, rotating machine and service – have been able to significantly increase their turnover in both domestic and international markets. As a result, the long-established Hungarian manufacturer is able to actively contribute not only to the realisation of the green energy revolution in Hungary but also abroad, and regularly carries out long-term service activities for its domestic and international partners. Thanks to its strong export activities, the heavy machine company’s products, transformers, motors and generators, are now used in most countries in Europe, from Ireland to Romania, and in the Middle East.


Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd.

Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. was founded in 2020 and after liquidation proceedings were initiated in July 2020 against CG Electric Systems Hungary Ltd., the company bought the Ganz factory in Tápiószele and its assets in a public auction and concluded employment contracts with nearly 300 former employees of the company. As a result of the reorganization, the company is now 100% Hungarian-owned again after more than 15 years. The company manufactures custom-made high-voltage electrical equipment, including transformers, motors and generators, and provides related service activities for its customers at its plant in Tápiószele. The company employs more than 350 people, making it one of the largest employers in the region.